Meticulously crafted, elegant, built-to-last cabinetry for everyone. We at Estate Cabinetry have dedicated years to honing our craft to produce the perfect cabinets for our loyal customers. To ensure the quality of our cabinets, we personally inspect each and every nook and cranny that passes through our hands. This way, our clients can rest easy knowing that Estate Cabinetry has them covered, anytime, anywhere, for the best cabinet.


We at Estate Cabinetry live and breathe by a single creed: do not settle for less. That’s why we always make sure to employ passion, dedication, and love while showcasing and installing our products.

Our cabinetry mirrors our enthusiasm. Whether it’s traditional, ornate, transitional or rustic style – nothing beats the trained eye of an EC specialist. An abundance of colors is also available: white, light, medium and dark brown, gray, black, red or even blue and off-white. In a way, you’ll never run out of options to pick from.


Our top-tier cabinetry currently offers the greatest value on the furnishing market – backed up with the best warranties to prove it. To accomplish this, we’ve maximized accuracy and improved our dedication tenfold, while always keeping quality our main priority.

Our cabinetry has proven time and again to stand strong against the test of time – to last an entire lifetime. We offer consultation services in regards to whichever product you happen to purchase, and always invoke our top experts to solve matters in minutes.

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  


By unleashing the power of imagination, we bring about the passion for innovating and for pushing boundaries further until we’re just a nail shy of perfection. Our cabinetry design reflects our thoughts and ideas, our passions and musings and our hopes and dreams. And what is a dream if not a chance to fulfill other ones?

We at Estate Cabinetry encourage our personnel to constantly be on the lookout for fresh ideas that would solve a given problem in no time. This comes especially handy when a customer struggles to find a proper way to fit cabinetry in a limited space. Rest assured, our experts are more than happy to assist you in creating the image you’ve always wanted for your home.


Our cabinets are made of the finest woods, featuring Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak and more. Each and every one is inspected thoroughly for imperfections and slight hiccups. If we determine that a cabinet does not reflect our creed – then it’s history. To ensure that the material is high-quality, we handpick each and every cabinet, with no exceptions. That way, we can know that our customers are getting a top-tier cabinet right at their doorstep each and every time.
With Estate Cabinetry cabinets – you are settled for life. 

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