Woodmasters is a family-owned and family-operated manufacturer of premium woodwork for homeowners and businesses. Since 1975, they have been offering a wide range of services covering design, manufacturing, and installation.

Under the careful supervision of owners, excellence in Woodmaster’s craftsmanship is built through decades of customer satisfaction. Their facility spreads across 44.000 sq. ft in Newmanstown, PA. More than 40 craftsmen undertake home and commercial projects with undivided attention and precision.

Furthermore, Woodmasters wouldn’t be the true masters of wood without long-lasting materials. Their trusted suppliers, such as Formica, Corian and Conestoga Wood provide the finest materials to furnish your home.

Exclusive cabinetry reflects your unique style

Throughout the years, we here at Estate Cabinetry learned that each home or commercial space is a world for itself. We will gladly help you choose the fitting design for your particular situation. Regardless of the line you pick, you’ll be able to find a color and style in Woodmasters’ collection that will fit in perfectly.

The offer at Woodmasters is based on, but not limited to, these products: stock cabinets, custom cabinetry, specialty items, and finest countertops.

Beyond fully-custom designs, Woodmasters Cabinetry presents three lines of both affordable and elegant cabinets. While their prices are modest, the quality of solid, long-life wood remains.


  1. Premier line – these cabinets come in concave or convex styles in any size you request. Whether you’re a home or business owner, you’re free to choose from a dozen materials (including specialized wood like Walnut or Teak).
  2. Executive line – solid woodwork from this line redefines a concept of richness. Cabinets are upgraded with thick maple drawers and full-extension slides. Whichever material you pick, a final touch of paint can further elevate their rich, traditional look.
  3. Imperial line – we pride ourselves on this economical cabinetry line. Supported by a solid frame plywood construction, Imperial cabinets come with basswood dovetail drawers and in three main materials: maple, cherry or oak.

Impeccable service for lasting quality

Woodmasters Cabinetry is more than a team of craftsmen. Any idea you have can be built, and we’ll approach each project as it was for our own home. Plus, as certified installers and applicators, as well as members of respected Builders Associations, Woodmasters provides only the highest quality wood constructions.

If you’re interested in installing Woodmasters cabinetry for your home, feel free to schedule an appointment with us by filling out our form from our contact page!

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