Wolf Home Products

About Wolf Home Products

Wolf Home Products specializes in providing high-quality products for your kitchen and bathroom, as well as your deck and porch.

With more than 170 years of experience, Wolf Home Products became one of the largest suppliers for kitchen-work and bathroom cabinetry, as well as outdoor living and building products.

Founded by Adam Wolf in 1843, the company started out by selling dry woods and lumber products in Pennsylvania. 60 years later, they had spread to over 30 different locations. Nowadays, Wolf Home Products only continues to grow, having been recognized nationally by its timeless, modern, and high-quality products.

What We Offer

Wolf Home Products is dedicated to design and construct the best kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living products.

In the kitchen and bath collection, you can find cabinetry, vanity tops, and mosaic surfaces. The Wolf cabinetry, crafted to last a lifetime, comes in both modern and more traditional styles with a wide range of colors and affordable prices, so there’s something for everyone!  

The Wolf vanity tops, made from the best materials like quartz, cultured marble, and natural granite, are not only pleasing to the eye, but also resistant to moisture, bacteria, and stains. These beautiful vanity tops will bring any bathroom together by giving it the style and quality it deserves. Finally, we have mosaic surfaces that come in more than 40 unique and modern designs. Personalize your walls and give your kitchen, bath, or any other room something extra to make your interior aesthetic shine.

In the outdoor living collection, you can find decking, porch flooring, and railing for your outdoor setting that will make your outdoor space much more enjoyable and comfortable. Plus, Wolf’s Outdoor cabinets and lighting are perfectly designed to endure any type of weather. 

The Wolf Home Products Mission

With Wolf Home Products, you have an endless amount of possibilities when building your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space.

Wolf’s mission is to provide quality, innovation, modern and traditional designs products with reliability and affordable prices. Due to the quality of the materials used for each product, their durability is like no other. Whether they are for bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor living spaces, their products’ lastingness, stability, and efficiency are guaranteed. They feature dozens of unique designs, all of which that are created by the most talented designers in the industry. Just choose the design that will best match your home, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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