Waypoint Living Spaces is America’s leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for all those who care about quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Waypoint focuses on offering the finest cabinets, made from durable materials of the highest quality. Their manufacturing is so impeccable, in fact, that it exceeds the standards set by the American National Standards Institute and the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Their cabinets are built to last; guaranteeing stability, excellence, and of course, first-rate cabinetry that will beautify and enhance any kitchen or bathroom.

Waypoint Living Spaces strives towards excellence and is committed to giving its customers the quality they deserve. Since every customer is unique with different needs and expectations, Waypoint offers a wide variety of cabinetry styles to choose from. Clients can also work with Waypoint’s experienced and creative designers to make their vision a reality.

It is their mission to translate their customers’ vision into a finished product of the highest quality — Ensuring each and every customer’s utmost satisfaction is their #1 priority.     


Waypoint Living Spaces cares deeply about the environment, and their products show it. Their cabinetry is made from highly advanced technology that limits any harmful emissions, by-products, and waste. Plus, the raw materials they receive from their suppliers are produced by applying the principles of sustainable forestry practices. Waypoint Cabinetry also complies with KCMA standards under the Environmental Stewardship Program, who has given them certification on all their products.

Waypoint encourages its customers to be energy efficient, reuse, repurpose and recycle their old products and materials. If you care about sustainability and the environment, becoming a Waypoint customer is a great way to do your part.


Waypoint Living Spaces excels in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry, and no wonder. Not only do they have the finest raw materials, designers, and craftsmen that turn them into exquisitely finished products, but they also understand what the clients need to turn their dream remodel into a reality.

Their designers have the expertise needed to improve any kitchen and bathroom by creating the perfect custom cabinetry that fits any customer’s unique styles and needs. By choosing Waypoint, you’ll choose to refresh and beautify your space with the quality products you deserve.

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