An exceptional tiling job can propel a home to luxurious heights. If it isn’t done correctly, it may not only look bad, but it also won’t represent your family the way you want it to. We at Estate Cabinetry do all that we can to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Whether you are decorating a backyard, a kitchen, or even a bathroom – Estate Cabinetry has it all. With our high-quality wall tiles and extensive mosaic assortments, your preferred space will turn into your perfect image in no time.

Besides flooring, Estate Cabinetry tiles are also ideal for backsplashes, fireplaces, and gardens. If you want to go that extra mile, they can also be done for mirror frames, extravagant tabletops, and even novel birdbaths.


With Estate Cabinetry tiles, you’ll never run out of ideas to choose from. Some of the choices we offer include Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Ceramic, Quartzite, Onyx, Sandstone, Granite, Limestone and much more.

When it comes to flooring, tiles are available in the following sizes: 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 18×18, 8×16, and 8×8.

As far as colors are concerned, our options include Absolute White, African Rainbow, Alaska White, Agatha Black, Almond Gold, Amazonite, Arabescato Carrara, Betularie, Black Galaxy, Black Marinace, Blizzard, Blanco Tulum, Bordeaux Dream, Caledonia, Calacatta Vicenza and our favorite: Cafe Forest. Each color is available in several sizes, so be sure to consult with our experts before making a purchase.

We also include unique patterns for our flooring tile collection to spice things up a notch.


Our Estate Cabinetry specialists would be more than happy to suggest a few ways on how to improve an existing area in your home. Color glass tile can turn an ordinary space into a shrine of modern design, for both urban and rural settings. Pairing lighter marble with darker ceramic tiles will offer you a warm backsplash contrast that is comfortable for any set of eyes. Employing smooth limestone onto your bathroom walls is both durable and beautiful for any room exposed to a lot of water. The options are limitless!


We at Estate Cabinetry enjoy what we do, and we believe that our tiles should tell a story that our customers can relate to. By thoroughly installing each and every tile with surgical precision – we try to inspire future generations to cherish what we provide.

Plus, our tiles are built to last. So when your children and grandchildren look down at the floor or glance up at the walls – they will see what true passion, dedication, and love truly looks like.

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