StarMark – a hallmark of excellence

Since 1978, StarMark has created entirely custom-made, long-lasting cabinets. If natural cabinetry is what you need for your bath or kitchen, StarMark designers and craftsmen are ready to fulfill your wishes.

You can find StarMark Cabinetry in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where you can visit their showroom as well. Apart from wood experts in Sioux Falls, a large part of the design and dealership team is spread nationwide.

Supporting the American workforce

As a responsible brand, StarMark believes that keeping jobs in America is crucially important. Plus, there are clear benefits to manufacturing meticulous cabinetry with local artisans in South Dakota as well.

The Sioux Falls team works closely, which enables them to make decisions quickly and solve any problems on-the-spot. Their workers are known for their outstanding communication skills and their flawless work ethic.

Unique cabinetry for your home

StarMark Cabinetry is famous for its higher-quality kitchen cabinets and bath vanities. You can choose between various styles, including Contemporary, Traditional, Ornate, Cottage, or perhaps Transitional. Plus, each style is available in a dozen of wood types!

StarMark also provides expert opinion and solutions to help you make important decisions. Some of the circumstances they take in the account while design planning include Children safety and situations when two cooks share the same kitchen.

Unbeatable reasons to choose StarMark Cabinetry

StarMark is affordable and convenient

Compared to usual cabinetry offered by home centers, it pays off to invest in custom-crafted ones. There’s no need to replace cabinetry from StarMark every ten years – as most of these products can last a lifetime. Additionally, each piece is delivered to your doorstep in its assembled form, which saves you both time and effort. Finally, their cabinets have 1/16’’ increments, saving you as much space as humanly possible.

StarMark’s attention to detail will surprise you

True craftsmanship is reflected in details, some of which you may not even notice at first. For instance, after a countertop is installed, StarMark will connect the face frame to the side of your cabinet using “dado” – a special kind of joinery. In order for each cabinet to stay square, StarMark also adds captive parts and side-to-side runners. On the outskirts, the smoothest feel is achieved with double spray layers.

StarMark takes care of the community

For decades, StarMark has donated cabinets and groceries to more than 100,000 families in South Dakota, as a part of the Feeding South Dakota project. Another initiative they gladly collaborated with is Habitat for Humanity – building almost 200 kitchens so far as a donation to low-income homes across our state. StarMark has also achieved an award from the National Committee of ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard). Finally, their environmentally conscious work has been recognized and rewarded by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association).

Join StarMark in their quest to provide the best cabinetry and services and schedule an appointment with us today by filling out a form from our contact page!

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