Outdoor kitchens are excellent opportunities to transform your backyard into an exciting cooking space for all of your friends and family to enjoy. These types of kitchens have all the commodities of a modern indoor kitchen, paired with the durability of weather-proof materials and top-notch amenities brought outside.

Outdoor kitchens combine state-of-the-art cabinetry with powerful appliances for the ultimate blend of utility and style. Best of all, the outside space will accommodate a large number of designs and styles, so you can be sure that you’ll never run out of outdoor kitchen ideas to choose from.

How To Build the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Designing, planning, and building an outdoor kitchen can be a fun and challenging experience. However, building the perfect outdoor kitchen can also easily overwhelm you before you get the chance to put your plans into practice. This is exactly why our experts here at Estate Cabinetry offer some of the most advanced tips and tricks in regards to building an outdoor kitchen.

Decide Between Using Either Gas or Charcoal

The argument of using charcoal or wood versus gas in your outdoor kitchen design is now more relevant than ever. Gas is easy to set up and cooks food quickly, whereas charcoal or wood takes time to prepare and gives that distinct “burnt” flavor that gas can’t replicate.

But why not use both?

The best (and most equipped outdoor kitchens) come with both gas and charcoal stoves for the ultimate cooking experience. The modern outdoor kitchen has a place for both a pizza oven for a slow and deliberate evening, and a stainless-steel hob to provide a quick and unforgettable experience under the open sky.

Move Outside Permanently

If you’re set on the space, it is advisable to build the kind of outdoor kitchen so that you’d never have to think about going inside ever again. Make this kitchen a safe haven for the summer as well as the winter.

You can always add some domestic brush-ups, including an art deco coffee table or even a couple of colorful built-in beds to provide an extended welcome for your guests.

Extend Your Indoor Kitchen

If your indoor kitchen is close to the outdoor kitchen space, you can carry on the style and design outdoors as well as in. For example, using hard-wearing stone benchtops and high-leaning bar stools to match the look of the cabinetry is a good starting point to seamlessly blend both spaces.

This approach will make your indoor kitchen look bigger (especially if you have a small indoor kitchen), and will ensure that your design bodes well across your backyard.

You can always use the outdoor kitchen for appliances and amenities you can’t fit inside, such as tall bar stools or a disproportionately large island in relation to your indoor space. Think about your outdoor kitchen as providing that much-needed space to fit things you’d otherwise remove entirely from your home. Outdoor kitchens are great for added storage as well.

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