A modern kitchen or a contemporary kitchen is stylish, prominent, and bold. These types of kitchens can be described as very geometric-driven, minimalistic, brass, and comfortable.  A modern kitchen design is characterized with clean, sleek, and utilitarian design, including intentional asymmetry, horizontal and vertical lines, and a lack of ornamentation and décor.

Everything in your modern kitchen is installed with a clear goal in mind – to take at least space as possible and to serve its purpose well. The modern kitchen cabinets available at Estate Cabinetry combine several styles to achieve a harmonic blend between simplistic style and cutting-edge technological design.

How To Build the Perfect Modern Kitchen

Gathering materials, looking at different styles, and finding the perfect modern kitchen design can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Usually, materials used in modern kitchens are man-made rather than being natural. Some of these materials include frosted glass inserts, chrome, concrete, stainless steel, lacquer, and more. At Estate Cabinetry, we can help you pick the best elements for your kitchen to build a stunning, sleek-looking product.

To get the ball rolling on your modern kitchen design, you can start by:

Choosing The Right Layout

Starting with the basics can save you lots of time and resources (and nerves) in the long run. You should always opt to nail the so-called “work triangle” – the distance between the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. As a rule of thumb (though there are a few exceptions), the fridge should be as close to the room’s entrance as possible, since it’s typically the most-frequently visited appliance in the kitchen.

Using Height to Your Advantage

There’s no room (both figuratively and literally) for 36-inch tall upper cabinets in a modern, slick-looking kitchen. Instead, go for the 42-inch upper cabinetry models that will fill your ceiling and provide you with some additional storage space all at once. Lofty kitchen spaces (9-foot ceilings and up) could potentially benefit from stacked upper cabinets for additional storage as is.

Know Where (and How) To Spend Your Hard-Earned Money

The cabinetry and floor take biggest amount of kitchen real estate, so you should always try to make those elements as visually stunning as your budget can allow. However, there is another, often neglected modern kitchen element that can make or break a design – backsplash.

Backsplashes are excellent opportunities to express your style both emotionally and visually without having to spend a large pile of money while doing so. This is mainly because backsplashes are small enough to build with the smallest amount of materials as possible.


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