Gray/Blue kitchens are special types of kitchen designs where two colors (gray and blue) fill up the whole aspect of the room, including flooring, cabinetry, cutlery, and more. These colors carefully blend between one another to give off a sense of stimulating warmth while also managing to provide a relaxing neutral tone. Depending on which shade of gray you choose, your kitchen could lean towards one end of the spectrum or the other.

Often, gray and blue are the perfect colors to start off with your kitchen remodeling project and create an impeccable atmosphere so that all your visitors can feel right at home. A good starting point can be to create a darker floor to contrast your existing kitchen fabrics, make patterned variations in your space, or even dampen the mood a bit (lighter gray) for a relaxing and cozy snug. One area where this color is gaining traction in regards to popularity is kitchen cabinetry, as more and more homeowners ditch the all-white cabinet designs and opt for a more nuanced (gray/blue) approach instead.

Why More Homeowners Decide in Favor of the Color Gray

Painting the whole kitchen gray isn’t the best approach when building your kitchen. However, making one aspect of the space stand out by coloring it gray – the cabinetry for instance – can lead to creating the perfect interior décor for your cooking/dining space. You can always contrast your white appliances with gray/blue cabinet designs to provide a positive psychological experience both for your family and your guests as well.

Here are a few aspects worth considering if you are thinking about a gray/blue kitchen for your home:


Gray cabinets build a sense of expectation for the surrounding kitchen elements. After your visitors spot these unique colors, they’ll also want to check out the ceiling, floor, island, backsplash, and appliances as well. In fact, gray makes the other elements in your kitchen stand out more, transforming the association with gray from boring to exciting.

Luxury and Good Taste

Gray-themed kitchens tend to accentuate one very important element: the element of luxury and impeccable style. The combination of gray and blue offer a visual association with unparalleled style and luxurious, high-end design.

Relaxing and Exciting

Gray can be a cause for two very opposite emotions: a deep feeling of relaxation or an undeniable sense of excitement and thrill. You can use this to your advantage to stir up the monotony while offering a safe haven for everyone that steps into your kitchen for the first time.

Choose the Right Shade of Gray

Estate Cabinetry houses plenty of gray cabinetry designs for any and all occasion. You can opt for lighter gray variants to seamlessly blend the other elements in your kitchen design or opt for tan cabinets instead to perfectly complement your dark wood flooring.

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