Country kitchens are cheerful, open, welcoming, and warm. Estate Cabinetry makes stunning country kitchen designs that mirror the look and feel of a rustic-yet-functional cabin for an afternoon well spent. These kitchens incorporate several types of very distinctive designs, including English Country, French Country, Tuscan Country, Garden, Farmhouse, and Cottage. Plus, each of these styles has the ability to build a look that immediately gives off a sense of togetherness and harmony.

How To Make The Perfect Country Kitchen Design

A country kitchen can be meticulously planned and cozy. They are open, spacious, and airy, while still maintaining all amenities that make a modern kitchen so irresistible in the first place. Many country kitchen styles incorporate rustic features including woven baskets, painted cabinetry with metal handles, nature motifs, compact shelving, floral curtains, and bead board panels as well.

With all of that being said, there are many different details, cabinetry, and appliances to choose from in regards to outdoor kitchen designs. However, before you make your final decision, you should think about the following:

Choose Your Colors Wisely

When planning a country kitchen, homeowners will usually go for a white color as their main kitchen color. This can create the “illusion” of a more spacious room, but if you want a more personal touch to your country kitchen, try to opt for brighter and more vivid colors instead.

As much fun as adding a stroke of different colors is, try to avoid overdoing it since that particular palette would smother the country design and push your kitchen into a different direction. Consider combinations such as nature-based palettes, bright-yet-rustic tiles, intriguing pastels, and bold colors to complete your country kitchen design.

Throw In Some Patterns To Pique Interest

Plaid designs are the usual go-to when it comes to country style, but there are far more kitchen country patterns you can utilize to provide you with that cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel. A rustic backdrop supports everything from floral patterns to stripes and woodland prints for a delightful and lively look. Feel free to use nature-inspired utensils, oven gloves, and patterned tea towels for that additional personal touch.

Also devote a healthy amount of time finding the ideal tableware and cookware, which can help to produce a rich scheme of both art and utility on display. Playing with colors here is also encouraged as well.

Incorporate A Variety of Antique Details

The great thing about building a country kitchen is deciding to opt between a contemporary or a more lived-in kitchen interior. You can ditch your brand-new dining table (or give it to a friend for safe-keeping) and introduce a pre-owned set into your home. Plus, adding little ornamentation to your cabinetry or spreading around some small additions is always an open possibility as well. Things you can use include antique furniture, rustic clocks, traditional lights, various decorations, and more.  

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