Rocco opened Estate Cabinetry in 2013 after years of working with his father, Anthony J. Matra. Anthony has owned Matra Building Corp. for 30 years, helping Rocco to remain connected with fine craftsmanship, an old-fashioned work ethic, and a tradition of designing and building something of value throughout his entire life.

Custom Cabinetry Features
Color: Estate Cabinetry proudly offers a custom paint program for your cabinetry. Have a certain color you love? Send in a sample of the color and Estate can offer you a full range of cabinetry, ranging in style from contemporary to traditional, that custom matches your color choice. Any color you are thinking of for your next cabinetry project can be matched and brought to life. This allows you to customize your cabinetry to reflect your taste, not only in the style of the cabinetry but in the color as well.
Vanity Program: Estate also offers a unique vanity program. Looking to renovate your bathroom? Estate offers a vanity program that allows you to customize your vanity to suit your needs. Choosing from a vast array of sizes and styles, your vanity and bathroom cabinetry can be fully customized. All vanities are delivered fully assembled and ready to be installed. In addition, these vanity projects can also utilize the custom paint program. Any style, color, or design you are thinking of Estate can offer you.
Hardware: To complete your cabinetry project, Estate also offers a wide array of decorative hardware to compliment your cabinetry choice. Anything sleek and modern, to ornate and whimsical, Estate offers you the perfect hardware to fit all styles and price-points.

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